Save The Toucans!

Toucans are endangered, for reasons that aren't their fault! Hunters hunt them for their feathers, They are becoming extinct because of poachers and deforestation every day! They live in the rainforest, where people chop down trees, for wood and paper! No one can say they don't care about the loss of trees in the rainforest, because the trees give US oxygen and TOUCANS a home to live in. Why do you have to harm them, when they are just innocent animals, not causing any harm? They deserve a life as much as you do! But YOU can be the better person in this world and make a change. Then you can look at websites like this and feel good about yourself, and think that you're not doing harm to our beautiful creatures and planets anymore. So if you want to save an innocent animal like this, then make a change in your wellbeing and save a toucan!