Look around you, and see that our world is beautiful! One thing could make a difference and make it look more glorious! Stop littering, try taking the bus to work and school, stop smoking, plant more trees, use less internet, go eco-friendly, etc.  Any animal would be beaming with joy if you could just make one little difference! You could adopt a toucan today. Here is a link to adopting a toucan: https://www.worldanimalfoundation.org/page/subpage/Adopt_An_Animal/Adopt_A_Toucan.htm Any little difference you make, could make a difference to your lifestyle and a toucans. The population of the species is unknown, but is believed to exceed 10,000 Toucans. The population appears to be decreasing but is not severely fragmented. People don't need  to hunt them. It's not the end of the world if you don't poach them and hunt them for their feathers!

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